Friday, 5 October 2012

Mother India

We’ve been meaning to go to Mother India for like a million years.  Truly, it is ridiculous. 

However, meeting up with a similarly curry loving friend in Glasgow at last presented the perfect opportunity, and so we made our way along to Westminster Terrace in Glasgow – spotting lots of other places we’d also like to visit in that area along the way.

Spiced haddock and roast tomatoes is the kind of starter we’re having more and more over the usual deep fried delicacies on offer.  The haddock was deftly spiced and baked to flaky perfection in its tin foil envelope; it felt like a healthy and delicious way to start the meal.

Having said that, my deep fried choice of ginger and green chilli fish pakora absolutely blew me away.  Not at all greasy, light, crisp and packed full of punchy ginger and chilli flavour; I  don’t know that I can look at ‘normal’ pakora in the same way ever again.

Carrying on with the fish theme in to the mains, baked halibut with chickpeas, fennel and tomatoes was similarly enveloped in foil  but managed to be a completely different dish to the starter with clever spicing, rather than being subjected to the ubiquitous one-base-does-all approach of British Indian Restaurants.

Chilli Garlic Chicken could have done with a bit more of a kick for my liking, but had balanced spicing and fresh flavours and overall was delicious and again slightly different to your usual BIR fare (not that I’m knocking BIR - I love it!  It’s just nice to find somewhere a bit different).

I still dream about the dal (Makhani? Bukhara?).  Seriously creamy and moreish – I could have sobbed that we were too full to finish it all.

The naan bread was of a size that it could have been used as a table cloth, though much much tastier.

So, we finally made it and are woeful that we left it so long.  Can’t wait to find an excuse to go through to Glasgow again and go back.

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