Friday, 3 August 2012


I can't remember the last time I was in a fast food restaurant, but it's definitely been a looooooooong time.  A particularly bad bout of food poisoning for my other half, reading fast food nation, blah blah, all the usual reasons.  I continued to crave the quick service, the informal dining, the hand to mouth eating, and that dirty but oh so satisfying guilt of wolfing down burgers and fistfuls of fries.  But we resolutely turned our noses up and resisted its greasy grasp.  

So we've come quite late to Wannaburger, having at first written it off as one of your more usual fast food joints.  But then we took a closer look; Fresh? Homemade? Locally sourced? Fully traceable? Free range chicken?  This is no ordinary fast food.

And it was pretty damn good.  The Aberdeen Angus beef patty was cooked perfectly - juicy and flavourful.   The buns are supposedly baked by a local artisan baker (and are definitely a cut above many buns served by other places that pride themselves on their burgers, but are let down by a dry pappy bun).  

A special mention goes to the chilli served in a little pot to diy your chilli burger – smoky and with a ridiculous depth of flavour; just delicious.  A chargrilled breast of free range chicken was again well cooked and moist (and happy chicken is an absolute must so I just LOVE that they do it here).  

Fries and onion rings are good and crispy, just as they should be.  Giant pickles!  Heaven.  

While it will of course be pricier than your run of the mill chain, it’s by no means expensive and completely worth it.  Oh, and you can buy booze - bonus points.  We’ll definitely be back, in fact we signed up for their loyalty card so we can indulge our fast food guilt whenever we like, but in the knowledge that this is fast food with a halo on.

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