Friday, 20 July 2012

The Bonham

The Bonham has been a family favourite of ours for quite a while.  It provides consistently good food and a relaxed atmosphere that can be relied upon time and time again to keep the in-laws happy.

So when they were visiting once again at short notice and looking for some dinner, it was a no brainer to saunter over to Drumsheugh Gardens and grab a table.
Located in the Bonham Hotel, the dining room does well not to feel at all like many soul-less hotel dining rooms.  The menu changes regularly, is seasonal, and I'd challenge you not to find something you'll like. 

Glistening wobbling cubes of confit salmon to start were delicious and with a fantastic texture, but were a bit let down by the distraction of a tasteless cracker-like parcel that felt quite pointless.

Sea Bream with a nicoise salad was hard to find fault with; a well cooked piece of fish on a nicely dressed nicoise where each ingredient stood out individually and was well defined.

For dessert, I pretty much inhaled this white chocolate & raspberry creme brulee, with excellent melt in the mouth shortbread on the side.

So, solid good cooking and lovely service once again from the Bonham.  A wee tip if you've not discovered it yet is the Boozy Snoozy weekend lunch deal - £80.00 for a table of four for three courses and two bottles of wine (they'll do the same deal for multiples/more people too).  There's been many a Boozy Snoozy Sunday that has had me swearing at the alarm clock on a Monday morning. 

**Stop Press** They are now doing a Boozy Snoozy dinner on a Thursday night too.  Fridays were made for hangovers.  Go. 

Friday, 6 July 2012


Browns.  Now there's a restaurant name I didn't think I'd make mention of in my blog, but there's no accounting for the taste of a company (my husband's) that chooses to have their Christmas night out in May - nuff said. 

As you'll gather am clearly massively behind with my posts so am keeping this brief, but you'll get the jist:

Salmon, Smoked haddock & Lobster Croquettes - Bit boring but definitely edible; doubt there was lobster in there.  Slick of something looking like baby sick was pretty much as described, or mabe a bit more lemon-y than baby sick; to be avoided.

Steak - Better than many I've had, and was cooked as ordered.  Chips not worth a mention.

Brownie (crap picture) - really very good.  Ice cream - really not very good (though admittedly I'm an ice cream snob).

In summary:

It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.
I'd go back again if someone else was paying.
That is all.