Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Tiramisu cupcakes

2 young children, 2 babies, 6 adults.  All on 'that' side of the family.  All coming to our house on a Sunday afternoon.  Screams, tears and tantrums were predicted (and not just from the children).  There was nothing for it but to prepare ahead and try a recipe out of my newly gifted (luv ya Cat!) Hummingbird Bakery 'Cake Days' Cookbook. 

I've also been unfortunate enough to miss the @edincakeladies Back to Basics night, so I feel the need to console myself by writing up this post.

There are lots of very interesting and drool-worthy recipes in the book.  But it just had to be the Tiramisu recipe. Reasons:  I have had very many bad Tiramisus in my time; But my homemade Tiramisu is the dogs; Many members of 'that' side of the family love coffee flavoured things; Most members of 'that' side of the family love cake.  It had to be win win.

I realise that a number of people have had issues with hummingbird recipes, hence their release of baking tips.  However, this recipe turned out well - call it luck, call it skill (I will of course call it skill!).

The Sponge - Very easy to make.  Slightly alarmingly runny before baking, but I went with it.  Turns out a lovely light, moist, sponge.

The Filling:  GOD, how I LOVE cupcakes with a hollowed out centre & a filling.  Soooo much more interesting.  This one really rocks - a reduced coffee & Kahlua syrup soaked in to the sponge (there are other coffee based liqueurs available) - don't worry, the booze is boiled off.  With some of the mascarpone mix (see below) squished in before the hollowed out top goes back on.  The cake is now truly starting to look like the food of gods. 

The Topping:  Mascarpone, Cream, more Kahlua - what is there not to love?

Verdict:  Children - hard to tell but by the double handed shoving in-of-cake-to-mouth - good.  Adults - unanimous praise from the in-laws (result!).

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