Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Loving leftovers

No recipe required today, just a post in reverence of leftovers.  We eat leftovers for probably two or sometimes three of our weekly meals at home, and we've certainly never had any qualms about just whipping them out the fridge, slapping them on a plate, and bunging them in the microwave - hey presto - dinner ready in approximately 5 mins. Tastier than anything you'll ever buy in a supermarket box.  

Spend an eency bit more time however, and you can forget that slight groundhog day feeling - you'll have a scrummy taste sensation that will trick your tastebuds in to believing you're not eating yesterday's dinner.

Take this fine bubble & squeak specimen: 

1.  Mash up some leftovers - spuds, savoy (previously quick fried with some garlic, salt, & pepper).
2.  Shape in to rounds.  Dust with flour.
3.  Shallow fry on both sides in vegetable (or another tasteless frying oil) on a low to medium heat until golden (10-15 mins).
4.  Serve topped with a fried or poached egg.
5.  Scoff.

Check out for more ideas.

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