Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 Mop Up

2012 has been a super busy year for us, it has unfortunately been mostly work, but we've thankfully managed to squeeze in some eating and  travel along the way as well.  Not as much of this as I'd originally hoped has found its way on to this blog for various reasons (couldn't remember enough about it, not worth the bother, bad photos (yes, even more so than usual!) etc.) but rather than just forget about them, here's a mop-up of some of the various meals and travels of 2012 that didn't quite make it.

There were lots and lots and lots of Indian meals (and takeaways) throughout 2012; some good, some mediocre. To mention but a couple - Assams in Glasgow was ok, but not a patch on the meal we'd had at Mother India the week before.  Kasturi - a local of ours - does a brilliantly priced lunch, unusually on a Saturday too.

Astoundingly good value early evening dinner at La Garrigue in Leith.

Lovely but not particularly exciting Malaysian at Nanyang in the eerily quiet Quartermile.

The other side of town to us, and so a rare but treasured visit to the legendary Tail End chippy on Leith Walk.

There were a few visits to Cafe Fish - all enjoyable, all drunken.

A disappointing lunch at Wedgwood.

Of all the holidays we've had this year, surprisingly only Iceland was worth posting about.  Otherwise, there was more 'mixed fish' in Andalucia than I care to remember.

And lots and lots of very good (and unbelievably cheap) wood fired pizzas in Krakow, when we just couldn't bear to look at another chunk of meat or dumpling.

A truly disappointing dinner at Galvins Brasserie.

And finally, one I really have no excuse for not writing up, a fantastic meal watching the end of festival fireworks from the perfectly positioned Heights at the Apex Hotel in the Grassmarket.

So there we have it, a mop up of the majority of the stragglers from 2012.  This is probably the point that I should say I'm going to make a New Year's resolution to do better next year, blah blah, but let's just wait and see what happens.

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