Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Holyrood 9A

Fuller Thomson pubs have been springing up all over the place, and The Holyrood 9A is one of them.  It’s not our usual end of town, but we had been tempted down there by a friend’s leaving ‘do’ and the promise of a fine burger.  A table had been reserved for us thankfully, as the place was absolutely heaving; fair enough it was a Friday night, but still clearly a very popular place. 

‘Great beers, Great burgers’ is their strap-line and there are indeed a good selection of beers and ales on offer, as well as a tempting selection of burgers.

The chilli burger was chosen by a number of our party including me and I waited for it eagerly while sipping an Erdinger.  It arrived and looked good.  It tasted good too, but nothing to really get excited about.  The burger itself was tasty - we didn't get asked how we wanted it cooked - it was well done.  Topped with pickled jalapenos, chilli cheese, fresh green chillies, sour cream and death sauce I had hoped that it would pack a bit of a punch, but disappointingly it didn’t really register on the scoville scale for me.  In fact it all tasted quite sweet funnily enough.  Sourdough bun was good but not a sourdough by my standards and the chips were average.  Accompanying coleslaw was good but meager, and overall I was left feeling like I could almost eat another burger (and I’m not that much of porker, honest!  The other half thought so too.)

The Red Squirrel is another Fuller Thomson on Lothain Road, and so much more handy for us.  The formula is pretty much exactly the same as far as I can tell, but while I might be tempted in for a pint am unlikely to venture there in hunger.

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